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Why NBR™ Extensions are the BEST of the BEST!

Updated: Dec 17, 2018


Finding the right extension method isn't as easy as you think.

I can’t even tell you about the amount of ladies that come into the salon asking for longer, thicker locks. And while there are some haircuts and styling products that’ll definitely add that desired volume to hair, extensions are the best (and quickest!) way to achieve this look.

As a hairstylist with over 14 years experience, I’ve tried just about every extension method in the game. But after trying it all, I’m happy to say that NBR™ extensions take the cake as the best of the best. (Click here to learn more)

NBR™ (AKA natural beaded rows™ extensions) are applied to the hair in rows, which creates a track thanks to a special bead and string technique. Wefts are then placed on the track and sewn in. After they’re applied, your stylist will cut, color, and blend your extensions with your real hair for the most natural, flawless look.

Natural Beaded Rows™ Extensions are different than any other method out there because:


NBR™ extensions make minimal points of contact with natural hair, which means they won’t pull or tear at the base. Additionally, no heat, glue, or tape is used during the process. While many extensions are heavy on natural hair (which ultimately results in pulling), NBR™ extensions are more lightweight.


NBR™ extensions custom colored beforehand to give you the most dimensional color possible. These hand-tied wefts flush seamlessly with the scalp so each piece is virtually undetectable. Once they’re in, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the extensions and your real hair - trust me.


It’s simple: NBR™ extensions are the most versatile extensions when it comes to styling hair. They can be worn straight, curly, in a ponytail, or in an updo or braids. Oh, and if you’ve steered clear of extensions because you work out, you’re in luck: NBR™ extensions are so durable and lightweight, working out with them in feels no different than it would with your own hair.


Who has time to sit in a salon for a 6-hour extension application? No one. The entire NBR™ extension process takes about 3 hours from start to finish, and that includes custom color of your own hair and extensions, application, cutting, and styling. It’s comfortable, easy, and virtually painless.


Due to natural hair growth, NBR™ extensions should be maintained about every 6-8 weeks. Your stylist will move your rows up since the natural hair is growing down. About every 6 months, we recommend that our clients purchase brand-new hair to keep locks fresh and healthy. These recommended time periods depend on two things: your natural hair growth and how well you’re taking care of your own hair and your extensions.

If you’re looking to get those gorgeously long locks you’ve always dreamed of, click HERE to learn more about NBR™ extensions today. We can’t wait to see you in the salon.

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