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Creating space in a HUSTLERS world

As stylists we work endless hours behind the chair, hustling to take as many clients as we can fit into our 12hr day. All for what? To make us feel like our business is successful. Maybe it's to make us feel more accomplished?

What if I told you this is the worst thing you could do for your business?

Hustle isn't what makes our businesses successful, don't get me wrong it helps. But what makes a business successful is GROWTH. In order to keep a business moving in a direction of growth you need to find SPACE to create new ideas. As business owners we are pulled in many directions during the day, whether facing the endless To-Do lists of the business, balancing the energy of the team, or being the face of the business. Our minds are constantly fogged with the day to day elements of running a business and what's left is an overcrowded exhausted mind.

SPACE allows us to create BOLD MOVES inside our business.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I try to create and find myself hitting a road block. This year it was brought to my attention I was creating a pattern of behaviors. I wasn't aware until my Fiancé Zach, laid it out for me, but I was using our vacations as a place to CREATE. My initial reaction was to be defensive...... like come on babe! What else can I do on a beach!? However, when I stopped and processed my behaviors it was very clear to me he was RIGHT!

Why am I using my time away from the salon to CREATE bold moves for my business?

Well, let me explain. When I am on a beach, I'm not interpreted by the salon business, the kids busy schedule or the home tasks that need to get done. On vacation my mind isn't cluttered with the daily tasks that need to get done, which kid has to be a practice, or what is on the menu for dinner. When I’m on vacation my TEAM and my FAMILY respect the SPACEI have asked for, and in turn I receive CLARITY. Clarity for what? To create, to look at what's working, what's not working and make the changes needed to grow my business.

There was one problem. I was telling myself a story...... In order for me to create, I needed to be on a beach with white sand, waves crashing and a cocktail in hand. This is the only way I can create bold moves inside my business. Lo and behold, I didn't need a beach or waves and a cocktail, I needed a sanctuary of my own.

In February my fiancé found the perfect sanctuary for me to create space. A place we would never have to leave. Sounds impossible right? Well that's what I thought until now.

He found us a home that gives me everything I needed in order to create... I have a beautiful pool with a waterfall (as close to a wave as I can get), a beautiful landscape to look at, and it’s in my back yard! I have an opportunity to come home each day and lay in the backyard close my eyes and CREATE. This was an investment for us. Yes, we have a beautiful home but it's more than that. It's a tool to leverage so I can produce bold moves inside my business.

This house was an investment for us. Yes, we have a beautiful home but it's more than that.. It's a tool to LEVERAGE so I can produce bold moves inside my business.

Let me ask you this, when was the last time you took time away from your business to create?

What possibilities might open for you if you create time for SPACE?

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