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When life gives you lemons....

When Life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE!

I have to be honest, I have been putting off traveling with Bronz because I FEARED what COULD happen, I know silly right. Almost 5 years ago Bronz was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. For those of you who don't know, its an AUTO-IMMUNE disorder. His body attacked his pancreas thinking it was a virus and he no longer can produce insulin for himself (it is not because he eats too much sugar, this is another blog post at another time). When he was diagnosed, we were laying there in his hospital bed, he was exhausted, tired, and didn't understand why HE had to have this disorder. I had to have a very grown up conversation with this newly 4 yr old, I looked at him and said "in life we are dealt cards (or lemons) that we may not like or choose, and it is up to us to DECIDE how we play those cards".


Each and everyone of us are responsible for how our life is, SHITTYor GREAT. We are the ones RESPONSIBLE for the outcome of our lives. And this is a moment where Bronz was going to learn he will always be responsible for his life, but he CHOOSES how his life plays out.


Well, it's actually really simple. You can DECIDE to let it make you a VICTIM or you can decide to let it give you POWER.

Bronz has decided to let it give him POWER. He has never once let Type 1 hold him back. But me on the other hand, well I fell short (we all have our bad days). While I thought postponing traveling with a Type 1 diabetic was for the best, it wasn't. I'm just a typical mom trying to be SUPER-MOM. I too fuck up and fall into the dark hole of victim mentality, and I knew I could no longer play victim.

So here we are, 4 days into our vacation to Maui, and we SURVIVED traveling! I mean, don't get me wrong, traveling with a Type 1 Diabetic isn't the easiest. There is a SHIT-TON of supplies that need to come along in case anything and everything could happen. I mean what if his pump breaks? Ill need to pack an extra and even syringes. What if the TSA agent drops a insulin vile and breaks it? I guess I better pack 4. What if his CGM comes off while in the ocean and a shark eats it? I guess I better bring an extra!

One of this biggest choices I have made from the responsibility of this disease, is to stop controlling and just go with the flow. This disease is like a roller coaster tons of ups and tons of downs, controlling it would just send me down the dark hole!

I faced my fear and changed my story. I have to tell you, this has been the EASIEST trip I have been on. First off, Bronz is the best at traveling! Who would have known, this kid literally is the most laid back kid I have ever met! He keeps up with Zach as he sprints through the airport (if you all don't know, Zach is a sprinter in crowds or in traffic for that matter). He toughs out the highs with his BG (blood Glucose) on the flight and the sun, and the lows from running around all day. He knows he has to be RESPONSIBLE for the devices attached to his body, as they are extremely costly, and when the kids at the pool ask whats attached to him, he loves to share about his ROBOTIC devices.

Sure, we could go down the dark hole of VICTIM and say how shitty and unfair it is that a child so young has to live with this horrible disease or he can say FUCK IT (not literally) I have a disease and Im going to make my life the best I can. Bronz has chosen to say FUCK IT!

See today, so many people fall into the VICTIM mentality. I have seen it with staff members, friends, colleagues, and so on. And while Bronz could have easily gone down the same path of VICTIM mentality I knew I would have to show him a different way. RESPONSIBILITY (not accountability) for his life, which means he can CHOOSE to be a VICTIM or he can CHOOSE to use it for POWER.

Bronz has chosen power, and from that he reminds me daily that I too am responsible for all the shit or great that happens in my life, it's just a choice of how I respond to the situation.

Don't let yourself go down the dark hole of VICTIM mentality, choose to be responsible and find the path that makes you POWERFUL!

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