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Choose which Business and Education Consulting package is best for you. 

FREE Discovery Call

15 MinuteZoom Video Call 

Are you feeling unsure about which container is the best fit for you? Do you want to make sure that the consulting services you receive meet your unique needs? My free discovery call is here to help you! With this personalized consultation, we'll dive into your specific consulting requirements and help you determine which container is the perfect fit for your goals. I want to make sure that my services align with your vision, and that we are the right match to work together. Let me help you unlock your potential and achieve your consulting objectives.


Book your free discovery call today and start your journey toward success!


3 Hour Strategy Session Via Zoom

Do you ever feel like you're running in circles with your business, unable to break out of the rut? Sometimes, it takes an outside perspective to identify the roadblocks and guide you towards success. That's where I come in. This container is created just for you - the entrepreneur who's ready for a shift. During our session, we'll dive deep into your business, uncovering untapped potential and shining a light on any blindspots that may be holding you back. Together, we'll craft a personalized strategy that takes your business to soaring heights.


It's time to break free from the trap - let's do this.

Expansion SESSION

8 Weeks Of Strategy To Evolve Your Business

Unlock the potential of your business through strategic improvement. Uncover hidden blind spots that hinder your progress with the help of this powerful container. Overcome your biggest hurdles and gain the tools and guidance needed to drive impactful transformations within your business.


In this container you receive:

  •  8 - 90 minute Zoom calls with Michaela every week for 8 weeks. 

  • Follow up zoom 30 days after completion of our 8 week program

  • Follow up zoom 90 days after completion of our 8 week program


Business VIP

3 Day In-Person 

Do you want to revamp, systematize, scale and grow your business or education program? This container offers in-person support and is perfect for elevating your current business model or building a new business. You'll get to spend 3 days with me in Northern California or have me fly out to you and dive deep into your business. Together, I'll help you strategize, implement,  onboard, and design the business or education program of your dreams. Each day you will have full access to me for 6 hours. *Travel Included

This Container Includes:

  • 3 day In-person business revamp with Michaela

  • Deep dive look into your business

  • Access to Business Vault with over 200 resources

  • Full access to Michaela via VOXER for 6 months

  • 30, 60 & 90 day follow up zoom meeting

Don't miss the opportunity to scale your business with personalized guidance you deserve!

Education VIP

3 Day In-Person 

Are you ready to take the leap into the world of education? If you're an hairstylist with a passion for shaping the industry and spreading knowledge, there are two exciting paths to take. The first is creating an assistant program that will catapult growth in your team, providing them with valuable resources and tools that will help them advance their careers. The second is launching an education course to generate passive income while sharing your expertise with others. Whatever your choice may be, this container is specifically designed for you, the educator with a desire to make an impact. 

Spend 3 days with me at your location as we bring your education program to life. *Travel Included


This Container Includes:

  • 3 day In-person Course Creation with Michaela

  • Education Curriculum Design and outline

  • Video filming and editing

  • Implementation of Content into Education Platform

  • Guidance on how to use  edu platform

  • Full access to Michaela via VOXER for 6 months

  • 30, 60 & 90 day follow up zoom meeting


So if you're ready to captivate and evoke change, now is your time to shine.

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